maandag 6 september 2010

My beloved Chanel nail polishes

Got me some new nail polishes from Chanel, because you may not know, but I am addicted to nail polish. And Chanel is most of the time a trendsetter with their colors. First there was the famous Jade color, which had every one wearing mint on their nails. Unfortunately I only have a dupe of that color, namely Sold Out Forever from Catrice. But in summer I had my eyes set on the Nouvelle Vague, a gorgeous light turquoise nail polish. But same as Jade, it was sold out in a second. When I was on vacation in Portugal I went looking for it in every beauty store, but they never had it. Till one of the last day, I already gave up, I found it!! It was the last one so I was very lucky. And now I have another one in my collection, Paradoxal it is. It is a beautiful dark purple-ish color, with little purple glitters in it. The search for this polish wasn't that hard, I found it in the second store I went in. These are definitely two of my favorite polishes, and the most expensive ones as well.

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  1. Mooie blog heb je :-)

    Ik ben sinds kort zelf een beautyblog :-) 1 september begonnen hihi :-)

    -x- Ilja

  2. nouvelle vague is my favourite!

    check out my fashion illustrations at :)