woensdag 8 september 2010

My best friends wedding!

My best friend got married in August and here are a few pictures of the big day. They got hitched on friday the 13th, but bad luck was nowhere to be found. In fact we got really lucky because this was the only sunny day of the week. It really was a beautiful day and a day I will definitely never forget. It was my plan to buy a pretty dress anywhere but H&M, because I wanted to wear something special. But months before the wedding I was shopping and when I saw this gorgeous dress I was immediately in love and had to take it home. I was a little bit scared that someone else wore the same, so I got an extra dress in my bag. Thankfully I didn't had to change.

Dress: h&m
Shoes: Dr. Adams
Watch: Guess
Clutch: Store in Portugal

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for your visit !
    En jaa, die ring is ook van Bijou Brigitte (:
    Je jurkje is echt super leuk !

    Wil you please follow me ?

  2. Beautiful pictures. you both look great.


  3. congrats to your friends...and you look amazing!kisses

  4. Je ziet er echtt geweldig uit!
    Het jurkje staat je zo mooi!